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When you or someone you love are unwell, the only thing that should be on your mind is recovery.
We take care of everything else so you don't have to.

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Seeing your doctor should not be painful

Did you know that today, Indians see their doctor pretty much the same way they used to 20 years ago? 
We spoke to patients and doctors from across the country to understand the journey from illness to health,
from sickbed to recovery and found that many of the problems that we faced over two decades ago are still prevalent.

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The four problems patients face today

Finding the right doctor

An overwhelming number of people we spoke to agreed that the word of their family and friends played a crucial part in deciding which doctor they saw. 

Knowing their schedule

Once a patient decides on a doctor, the next question that arises is when and where the doctor is available. Oftentimes, this search requires effort in a time when one is not well.

The wait at the clinic

More often than not, patients report that they end up waiting at the clinic for extended periods of time - either the doctor has been delayed or is busy elsewhere, and there is no communication.

Paper based prescriptions

Today, most patients carry their paper-based prescriptions to the clinic in person. Losing or forgetting them remains a threat looming large.

Introducing Reviv

Reviv is a healthcare service that focuses on overall patient experience. We help you in every stage - starting from helping you find your doctor,to managing your prescriptions and paperwork.

We want your treatment to be truly effortless, and take care of all the little things so you don't have to. From timely updates on doctor delays to waiting times at the clinic, we have you covered so all you need to do is focus on getting well soon.

Find your doctor faster

You can add your preferred doctors to your portfolio. This allows you to quickly pull up their information - or share it with friends. With Reviv, sharing with a friend is as easy as sending them a WhatsApp message!

Know where you can find them

You can quickly pull up your doctor's information and know about all the hospitals and clinics they go to. Know their schedule, current availability and which of your friends and family have visited them - all in one glance.

Once you know where to go, you can either plan when to walk in , or book an appointment in advance so you can reduce your wait time.

Get treated faster

Indian clinics usually follow a queueing system and not half-hourly appointments - once they've decided to drop in for a consultation, the one thing most people worry about is how long it will take before they see the doctor.

With our EZQ technology, we help you with real-time queue progress updates and help you plan your departure so you spend less time waiting at the clinic.

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