Assistance, reimagined!

Today, Urban mobility and booming industry have caused many of us to relocate closer to newer opportunities and away from our families and support systems. More older Indians choose to live independently for longer than before. The support system of family is now fragmented, and we live lives where distances reduce our ability to ask for help or assist our loved ones.

In this scenario, Medical services are what we turn to in a pinch. But while medical services and facilities abound what truly matters is that we receive prompt and timely aid in the time of our need.

This is why we have reimagined how we need to request for aid, and how aid is provided. The outcome of this is Reviv.

Why Reviv?

It’s not just the one who is sick.

A day lost for us is a day lost for everyone at home. Your loved one may need to take a day off to take you to the hospital. If your loved ones are unwell, you may need to do the same.

We never know when we need help.

You don’t always know in advance that you may need to go to see a practitioner the next day. We often fall ill suddenly.

We aren’t always proactive.

We often put off treatment until we are forced to address it. Sometimes this can compound the problem, sometimes it allows the illness to progress and sometimes this may even be dangerous.

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Time is not always our friend.

Not everyone is so lucky that they get aid from loved ones on demand. Some of us stay alone, some of us stay a small distance away from friends and loves ones, and we often don’t know when the neighbors are in and when they can help.

It may not be what we think it is.

We may delay getting help thinking that the issue is minor. Often, we are lucky that it is. Sometimes the simple ailment we postpone getting looked at may be symptomatic of a more serious one.

We often don’t know who to call.

Is the doctor who lives in the building available now? The one with a clinic two streets away? Request for assistance in the time frame you need, and the provider available can drop in.

What Reviv can do for you

Get immediate assistance

We are often unprepared for when things go out of hand, and when they do, assistance in the first hour (often called the Golden Hour) can make all the difference. Reviv allows you receive aid from a qualified practitioner nearby within the first half an hour.

Escalate the treatment based on need

It is common for an ambulance to be called for someone else, but not always are we sure we need one ourselves. With Reviv, this is taken care of. A medical professional can drop in at your current location, quickly diagnose your condition and provide aid – they can help you first and then decide if further help is needed.

Get assistance where you are

In not-so-critical cases, we often put off getting help, and this delay can cause the illness to progress. Reviv allows you to request for someone to drop in within the time-frame of 12 to 48 hours and take a quick look at you, right where you are.

Get your foot in the door to recovery

Requesting a House Call can help you recover enough to help yourself. No need to worry your family, no need to wonder if your friends can swing by to take you to a doctor.